Kuta Restaurant



Served with white rice or brown rice, w. fried rice add $1.00

Vegetable Tempura
Japanese style fried vegetables in a light and crispy batter. Served with tempura sauce.
Tofu with Peanut Sauce
Lightly breaded tofu tossed in Thai peanut sauce.
Sesame Tofu Spicy
Golden Tofu tossed in sweet and spicy sesame sauce. Served with steamed veg.
Buddha's Feast
An array of veggies and tofu in brown sauce
Veggies Stir-Fry
Assorted veg. stir-fried in a light sauce
Szechuan Eggplant Spicy
Eggplant in a spicy Szechuan Sauce
Kung Pao Tofu Spicy $10.50
Hunan Tofu Spicy $10.50